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PNG icon transparency
Posted by MadMaxJR <madmaxjr at> 2004-06-05 @ 17:20:20
Very good, this is the only wm app I'm running in the Fluxbox's slit (gkrellm takes the rest of the available space). Just one problem with it, though: most icons which are semi-transparent (for example most of the new Gnome icons) look... er... quite terrible, especially on the edges. Do you have any plans to add support for full png transparency?
.oO( cool tool)
Posted by sno0f <timo.denis at> 2004-05-13 @ 14:14:48
..., thx a lot for this nice tool!
wmdrawer makes my fluxbox c00ler!

regards, timo denis
somewhere between janitor and unemployed
Posted by alfntexas <alf at> 2004-05-05 @ 06:16:42
Been wanting to dump KDE for a long time now so finally discovered the beauth of fluxbox and now with wmdrawer the prospects of ever going back to KDE are bleaker and bleaker..

Thanks for a really nice piece of work.
Posted by psv <psv at> 2004-03-31 @ 16:36:19
Fine applet!
It implements important feature for WindowMaker.
I think it is good idea use WindowMaker's dock background instead icons_bg. This feature good when themes are used.
Posted by ptiJo <ptiJo at> 2003-11-26 @ 15:38:29
Compile && works nice under NetBSD too (since you use gmake and not BSD make ;)
Comment & Suggestion
Posted by Charley <charley.carroll at> 2003-11-02 @ 21:10:25
I really love your wmdrawer program.
It has made using Window Maker a much better experience.
I only have one suggestion.
It would be wonderful if you could define one of the tiles as another drawer itself.
That way you could define groups that would then open up vertically to offer more icons.
I believe thats the way the drawer program in Afterstep works.

Graphically, it would look something like this (assuming your dock icons were on the left side of the screen):

[ ]
[ ]
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ]
[ ]
Improvements ?
Posted by os x lover <> 2003-08-22 @ 12:32:25
Nice app. But will look cool if you had that mac os x dock zoom effect on this thing !!
My *favourite* dockapp
Posted by Ted Jackson <Ted.Jackson at> 2003-07-15 @ 11:33:57
I discovered your dockapp a couple of months ago and now count it as a personal favbourite!

Keep up the great work, Valos.
Posted by seba <> 2003-06-28 @ 11:54:58
hiho where can i look which cursor is which number? i dont want to try out every number :/ plz help
Posted by jakkuz <jakkuz at> 2003-05-30 @ 23:39:36
Hi! When i use wmdrawer it doesn`t care about commands after wmdrawer, it ignores -c and others.
Posted by mark <> 2003-04-29 @ 04:24:48
This app rocks! I'm using ver 0.10.0 and I must say that it's the best.
I'm running RH9 with only Openbox and wmdrawer fits in very nice.
Re: nize
Posted by valos <vfebvre at> 2003-03-03 @ 18:35:30
> super cool program
> is it possible to make the icon backround transparent?
Perhaps in next version 0.9.17, but it will be only pseudo transparency
> and can i use a different cursor or can i replace them?
Yes. Use the option 'cursor' in your config file (min=0, max=76, default=30)
Posted by peter <> 2003-03-02 @ 00:59:05
super cool program
is it possible to make the icon backround transparent? and can i use a different cursor or can i replace them?
Posted by Erik <> 2003-02-05 @ 21:01:23
I really like it! Very nice and handy. I just miss one little feature. AntiAliasing on the icons if i load a .png-image as icon for example.
Re: auto-hide bug (?)
Posted by valos <vfebvre at> 2003-01-24 @ 17:51:47
This was fixed in version 0.9.15
Thx for the report.
update to pervious post
Posted by abli <abli at> 2003-01-22 @ 21:42:03
If mouse enters the button area but leaves it via the dockapp icon the menu isn't hidden.
auto-hide bug (?)
Posted by abli <abli at> 2003-01-22 @ 21:32:27
using the 0.9.13-1 .deb package, and setting auto-hide on if the mouse doesnt enter the button area (i.e. one clicks on the ikon, buttons appear, but the mouse is moved away without entering the button area) the menu isn't hidden.
Posted by PhilZen <pbreider at> 2002-12-27 @ 18:50:58
What a wonderfull work.

I don't know this guy but his code really rocks ...

Thanks for your help

Posted by FunkyRes <mpeters at> 2002-11-26 @ 11:27:37
Awesome App!
Let me drastically shrink my dock (I use straight up wmaker) - really really cool.

One wish, though - I start wmdrawer in my .xinitrc file. This causes it to be located bottom right corner - right where I want it. However, with two rows - if the icons are set to 64x (like I like them) then I only can see the top half of the bottom row.

It would be cool if in cases where a row leaves the screen for the app to (either auto or via config file) shift the row/column position to accomodate for this.
Very cool tool!
Posted by Kevin Burtch <kburtch at worldnet dot att dot net (SPAM sucks)> 2002-11-11 @ 09:13:04
This is much nicer than wmmenu, whicn I've been using for years.
Configuration was super easy.
I like your idea for button tooltips... that would definately be a nice feature to add.

Thank you very much for a very nice tool!

Confused maybe user
Posted by Mert Cramer <mcramer at> 2002-10-30 @ 17:57:03
OK I give up! Where is it?
When I run wmdrawer it reports that defaultTile.xpm not found. I have searched my system
SuSU 7.3 with updates, but no defaultTile.xpm.

Any ideas where it might be?

Mert Cramer

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