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Ed Goforth <e.goforth at computer dot org>
Oliwier 'aLEczapKA' Ptak <aleczapka at gmx dot net>
Konstantin Malakhanov <malakhanov at gmx dot de>
Franciso Jose Oviedo <foviedoa at teleline dot es>
Scott Morgan <blumf at blumf dot freeserve dot co dot uk>
Christopher T King <squirrel at wpi dot edu>
Jan Gregor <pamela at rak dot bb dot euroweb dot sk>
Tomek Grzejszczyk <T.Grzejszczyk at elka dot pw dot edu dot pl>

Packages maintainers

Debian i386 (unstable): Christopher W. Wesley <cwwesley at udlug dot org>
Debian i386 (stable): Joerg Desch <jd at voelker-web dot de>
RedHat i386: Kevin Burtch <kburtch at worldnet dot att dot net>
Slackware i386: Ed Goforth <e.goforth at computer dot org>
Solaris SPARC: Ed Goforth <e.goforth at computer dot org>
FreeBSD i386, Alpha: Josef El-Rayes <j.el-rayes at daemon dot li>

wmDrawer is free software released under the GNU General Public License.
Feel free to email me with questions or suggestions.
Valéry Febvre vfebvre at easter-eggs dot com

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