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My email changes to <vfebvre at easter-eggs dot com> - 17.11.2005
An article about wmDrawer in Linux Magazine - 15.11.2004
wmDrawer v0.10.5 released - 26.06.2004
  • A drawer animation speed problem with 2.6.x kernels has been fixed (patch from Tomek Grzejszczyk).
  • 2 minor bugs in config parsing were fixed.
wmDrawer v0.10.4.1 released - 27.08.2003
  • It's a major bugfixe release. A segfault, which occurs when number of buttons was not equal in all columns, was fixed.
wmDrawer v0.10.4 released - 27.08.2003
  • Two new behaviors: dock's width and dock's height - so the dock can be now rectangular (Jan Gregor and me). This behavior can be controlled with options dock_width and dock_height (for both min=12, max=128) in the configuration file (WARNING: option dock_size is obsolete).
  • Possibility to add ' ' or '\t' before comment characters (patch from Jan Gregor).
  • When notifying about warning/error in config file, number of line on which warning/error happened is now printed (patch from Jan Gregor).
  • All arrays have now dynamic length (patch from Jan Gregor).
An IRC channel for wmDrawer was created today - 27.08.2003
  • Server :
    Channel : #wmdrawer

    Everybody is welcome to speak about wmDrawer's config / usage / development ... or anything else :-)
wmDrawer v0.10.3 released - 23.08.2003
  • A new behavior: dock's size (patch from Jan Gregor). This behavior can be controlled with option dock_size (min=12, max=128) in the configuration file.
  • Values min and max for option btns_size become 12 and 128 instead of 8 and 96.
  • A new behavior: icons' auto-expand. Now, by default icons always fit buttons. This behavior can be controlled with option icons_expand (0/1) in the configuration file.
WHAOOO!!! 10000 visits were reached today - 24.07.2003
wmDrawer v0.10.2 released - 04.06.2003
  • One more new auto-hide bug was fixed (Thx to Joerg Desch for the bug report).
  • The drawer's animation can now be disabled with value 0 for option animation_speed in the configuration file.
wmDrawer v0.10.1 released - 20.05.2003
  • A new auto-hide bug was fixed. The last! I hope.
  • It's now possible to use Imlib as image library (Makefile option).
  • Some minor improvements were made.
wmDrawer available on - 13.05.2003
wmDrawer v0.10.0 released - 08.04.2003
  • A new feature was added: tooltips for the buttons. This feature can be controlled with the option tooltips (0/1) and the tootlips' font can be changed with the option tooltips_font.
  • WARNING: This results changes in the syntax of the configuration file. Look at HERE for examples of the new syntax.
  • The highlight and the execution process of commands were improved.
  • Several auto-hide bugs were fixed.
  • Two compilation problems under Solaris were solved.
  • The code of the events management and the code of the config file parsing were partially rewritten.
wmDrawer v0.9.17.1 released - 28.03.2003
  • Oops! This version fixes a bug in the images_paths dynamic allocation (Thx to Ed Goforth).
wmDrawer v0.9.17 released - 27.03.2003
  • A large piece of code rewritten. Now the code is a little bit easier and the app uses less memory.
  • A new behavior: drawer's pseudo-transparency. This can be controlled with option transparency (0/1) in the configuration file.
  • A highlight bug for horizontal directions was fixed (patch from Christopher T King).
  • The buttons' press / release animation was improved.
  • A new behavior: drawer's border size. This can be controlled with option border_size (pixels) in the configuration file.
  • An auto-hide bug was fixed.
  • The support for long options in command line options was added.
  • A new highlight type: shading. This can be controlled with value 2 for option highlight in the configuration file. This highlight has 2 associated options, highlight_tint and highlight_sh.
  • A new behavior: instance name (application name) so the window manager can differentiate between multiple instances. This behavior can be control with option instance_name in the configuration file or from command line with option -n (patch from Ed Goforth).
  • The window manager can now grab the command-line args wmdrawer was started with. This is helpful for WindowMaker so it won't have to ask you to type the command-line in when docking (patch from Ed Goforth).
wmDrawer v0.9.16 released - 27.02.2003
  • Cursor's choice was extended to all X standard cursors.
  • Buttons' press/release animation was completely rewritten.
wmDrawer v0.9.15 released - 24.01.2003
  • An auto-hide bug fixed.
wmDrawer v0.9.14 released - 23.01.2003
  • A bug with the gdk-pixbuf2 image loading library fixed.
wmDrawer v0.9.13 released - 11.01.2003
  • A memory leak in buttons' highlight fixed.
wmDrawer v0.9.12 released - 27.11.2002
  • A new feature: ability to launch several apps at once from the drawer. By holding down the key Shift or by using mouse buttons middle or right instead of left, you can keep the drawer opened (patch from Scott Morgan).
  • Auto shifting of the drawer if it leaves the screen.
wmDrawer v0.9.11 released - 08.11.2002
  • A bug in 'show_on_hover' mode fixed.
  • A new behavior: highlight icon under cursor. This can be controlled with option highlight (0/1) in the configuration file.
  • A new adjustment: choice of the drawer's hiding timeout. This can be controlled with option hide_timeout (value in miliseconds, default 1000).
wmDrawer v0.9.10 released - 30.10.2002
  • A new adjustment: buttons' size. This can be changed with option btns_size (min=8, max=64) in the configuration file. Useful for the people who want for example to have big icons and to define several columns.
  • Minor bugs fixes.
wmDrawer v0.9.9 released - 27.10.2002
  • A new behavior: the dockapp can be launched in windowed mode (command line option -w or config file option windowed_mode (0/1)). Useful for AfterStep, Fvwm, Sawfish or KDE users.
  • Minor bugs fixes.
wmDrawer v0.9.8 released - 23.10.2002
  • Oops! This version only fixes a bug introduced into the version 0.9.7. It was no longer possible to use long commands in the configuration file ([column] sections).
wmDrawer v0.9.7 released - 23.10.2002
  • A first manpage version added (written by Christopher W. Wesley).
  • Improvement in the parsing of the config file.
  • Minor bugs fixes.
wmDrawer v0.9.6 released - 21.10.2002
  • Automatic reloading of the config file if it changes.
  • The character '&' isn't necessary any more at the end of commands (patch from Franciso Jose Oviedo).
wmDrawer v0.9.5 released - 13.10.2002
  • A new adjustment: choice of the mouse cursor in the drawer. This can be controlled with option cursor (0/1/2) in the configuration file.
  • Better management of mouse events.
wmDrawer v0.9.4 released - 08.10.2002
  • A new behavior: automatic closing of the drawer when the mouse leaves the drawer. This one can be controlled with option hide_on_out (0/1) in the configuration file.
wmDrawer v0.9.3 released - 01.10.2002
  • Ability to build wmDrawer with gdk-pixbuf-2.0 library instead of gdk-pixbuf (Makefile option).
  • One bug fixed: if several columns were defined and hadn't the same number of buttons, a shift between buttons and commands could occur.
wmDrawer v0.9.2 released - 23.09.2002
  • Support for absolute image paths in the configuration file (patch from Konstantin Malakhanov).
  • A new behavior: automatic opening of the drawer when the mouse enters in the dockapp. This one can be controlled with option show_on_hover (0/1) in the configuration file (patch from Oliwier 'aLEczapKA' Ptak).
  • Multi-instances support with command line option -c <config_file>
wmDrawer v0.9.1 released - 16.09.2002
  • Some bugs in the drawer's animation fixed.
  • The problem with directions 0 and 3 was solved.
wmDrawer v0.9.0 released - 15.09.2002
  • First public version.

wmDrawer is free software released under the GNU General Public License.
Feel free to email me with questions or suggestions.
Valéry Febvre vfebvre at easter-eggs dot com

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